Friday, 10 April 2015

Summer heat at Easter!

Love it?  Hate it?

I am in the middle, I love the long bright days but I hate the heat!!! I know, when I grow the type of plants I grow you would think I loved it! Nope! I change my days, I get up very early so I can get all the work I need done, done in the cool. Then from about 10 a.m. I scuttle in doors, and don't usually come out till late afternoon.

This Easter has been lovely, we have had our first bar-b-que and I have had to get up early to get all the work in the greenhouse done before it gets too hot.

I hope the warmer weather continues, because my shelves are crammed!

Every shelf has plants on,

nooks and cranies also have plants crammed in,

My bananas are very slow to get going so now I have some space in the propagator I thought I would sit them in there, I just hope the staging can take the weight!!!!

Maybe I need a bigger greenhouse...................

crammed in all corners!!

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