Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

We have always made a rule that Easter Weekend is our weekend so we don't usually go anywhere. This changed a bit this year, on Good Friday we went over to my daughters to help with painting a ceiling, putting up coving and laying a floor.

On the Saturday we had a 'jolly' out down to Poole.  We had a lovely time, visited some friends we knew when we lived in London, in the morning. Then on to see the beautiful garden of a fellow 'Hardy Tropical' forum. I had my camera but was so busy chatting and questioning, I totally forgot to take photos, but did come back with a lovely box of goodies.

I took some plants down as a swap, and once there, I realised I also have a Variagated Agave that my friend did not have, so will be sending him one in the post!

Having had such a lovely day we then went in search of my husbands old family home, for his Family History research. Which we found, he then wanted to take a photo, but I said he should ask first. So he duly did, an elderly lady answered the door and chatted away, then invited us in.  Once in I told her she shouldn't have asked us in, as we could be anyone, she poo, pooed that and said what have I got that anyone would want to take!!!
This lady was 93, bright as a button and we found out her husbands mother, had bought the house from my hubbies parents over 63 years ago!!!!!

Back home and all my new plants repotted and some split.

As these came from outside I decided to leave them out, as I am rapidly running out of room in the greenhouse.

so under a cloche they went!

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