Sunday, 12 April 2015

All Happening here!

Exciting times in the garden........

My daughter and her boyfriend came round for a bar-b-que on Friday night and stayed the night, we had a lovely time and the evening was full of laughter.

In the morning they very kindly helped me get all this bamboo

out of this container, it took nearly 3 hours and boy was it difficult!!!

This is now going to my daughters, with a not so vigourous bamboo, for her to use as a screen between themselves and their neighbours!

It used to look like this, well that's not strictly true, as I think this one looks lovely and the other one just looked a total mess.

It was in here hiding the coal bunker. Now its out I love how bright this area has become. I was going to move the above bamboo into the same place, again to hide the bunker. But I had a 'light bulb' moment.

My new beautiful Blue Palm,  Brahea armata, needs a home. I had planned to plant it further down the garden. but this area will be perfect. The gardener can dig out the old baytree, I can add gravel to give it better drainage. In the summer it will be in the sun all day, in winter it will get the best of the sun, plus added protection from prevailing winds.

It will also balance with the Trachycarpus! Perfect.

Meanwhile, more changes afoot, further down the garden, details to follow in a later post! The guy in this picture is my birthday present, the gardener!!!!

I know I always say no more big changes, but here I am again, doing big changes! I'm sure its because I can't move furniture around in my house!!!!

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