Wednesday, 1 April 2015

More seeds and seedlings!

Guess where I have been.......................

More pricking out and sowing of seeds, the heated propagator,full

 The shelf underneath the propagator, with the dahlias potted up.

More seedlings, cannas on the 2nd shelf, bananas to the right looking decidedly dead!!?? A Palm, banana and 2 brugmansias behind.

more seedlings. To the left are to very large Colocasias, to the right another shelf unit with Bouganvillia on the top shelf, Bromeliards on the 2nd shelf and dormant Colocasia on the bottom.

 cactus and succulents, I seem to be collecting!! Bromeliard is flowering on the left of the pic.

My spikeys on the floor under the propagato, every spare inch of this greenhouse is full, I am really going to have to decide which way I am going in my gardening style.

Where the new bed will be going

much bigger from the side. We are going to visit my friend this weekend, I shared a link to him awhile back, Hurley Designs. I want to make sure we get this right and whether it needs to be bigger etc, etc so lots of questions to ask and photos to take, looking forward to it.

Bamboo Dachshund

My new palm is very happy on the patio and is sending out 2 new spears, I have been debating whether to plant it where I have moved the TRex too, but the advive from the forums is, that if its happy it will grow fast. So I have decided against putting it next to the water butt as I really don't want a tree that close to the house.

 TRex pushing out new leaves.
Always a great time of year, when everything springs back to life!!!

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  1. I share your pain - seed trays and seedlings on every available surface and an orderly queue forming for the propagator!! It is such an exciting time of year.
    Your greenhouse looks fascinating ! Full to capacity!


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