Monday, 30 March 2015

All Around my Butt!

I have had a lovely time down the garden this morning. I was only planning on being down their for an hour, to preserve my back, two and half hours later I come in for a coffee!

First off I did a whole load of pricking out. I am pleased with the way I did the seeds this year, I won't be inundated with one plant or another. Still chuffed to pieces with the canna seed.

At the end of last week I emptied my two leaking water butts, I was going to get hubby to help but it chucked it down most of the weekend. So today I got on with it. Got inside them and undid the taps. cleaned around inside and out, around the grooves, then wrapped plumbers tape around and 'Bobs your uncle' sorted. No leaks! Before you ask yes I did put water in to check.

I love doing jobs like this, good job really cos, hubby doesn't!!!

  So cleaned around and behind their bases and that's when I noticed why water butt number 3 has a decided lean to it!!! The base at the back has a very large 'kink' in it, so I am emptying it, not all on the ground, I've been chucking bucket loads on various plants round my garden, but doing this is not 'back friendly'!!!

Another kink at the side as well. My neighbours use there old bases as planters for potatoes, wonder what I could do with mine?

My Gunnera, just uncovered today and given a good watering. I watched a programme  can't remember which channel, but something called 'How good is my garden' I think. Anyway Bruno Nicoli??? a tropical gardener had the most amazing gunnera in his garden must have been taller than him. I am quite determined this will be good this year. I don't think I feed it or water it enough. We are looking at getting an 'Easy Clean' pond filter which you turn a handle, divert the water to the flower bed until it runs clean. Only problem is its £500!!!!!!!!!!! We are saving!!

The Rheum, looks like an alien at this time of year but is always one of the first to get going.

Last year when I went to Highgrove to visit Price Charles, well his garden. He had 4 very old and beautiful Olive trees, huge trunks all twisted etc. Apparently he protects his over winter. Whereas my poor neglected olive tree, was left out all winter, in front of hubbies office, which is quite sheltered but north facing, but will catch some winter sun, and seems to be thriving!

Right off for some lunch and then to do some sewing .

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