Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Play or Chores?

Its all happening here!

Yesterday my daughter and her boyfriend came over and helped me collect compost, sand and gravel.

 We had a lovely time, we did lots more than this and had a load of laughs as well. I still managed to have an 'alright back' at the end of it.

So I am now ready for when the gardener comes on Friday and starts constructing the new bed.

We had an extremely heavy frost last night fortunately I realised it was going to be cold when I took the dog out for his night time constitutional so covered up what needed to be covered up.

The TRex is sending out new growth I just hope it can deal with this plus its replanting as it gets bigger.

If you remember I started sowing my seeds last week, and they have all decided to come through in a rush.

I love the fact that I have helped these seeds burst into life, but I hate all the pricking out it involves. I think I have been clever this year as I have only sown a tiny sprinkle of each type, whereas last year I sowed in trays and had far, far too many.

These are the most exciting though, I have never ever grown Canna from seed before, its a bit of a palava. You need to scarifyor nick the seed till you see some white, soak for 48 hours then plant. You try scarifying or nicking a seed smaller than a pea, with out losing your fingers. Not easy. But I obviously did ok cos I have so far 3 coming through!!!

So today will be spent, potting up the bananas, as I need the stand they are in for the new seedlings.

But, before I start that I need to hang out the washing and go and do some shopping. A few years ago I made myself this rule, 'No Playing, till the chores are done'. So on days like today I do the bare basics of chores, so I can get out and play, but my chores have to be done otherwise I would spend all my time playing!!!

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  1. hard to do when there's play beckoning out there!


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