Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Gentle Gardening

I am getting so frustrated, I wandered down the garden yesterday and ended up in the greenhouse! Where I managed to sew a few seeds. Not wanting to over do it I stopped.

This morning we had  the thickest fog I have seen for ages, but it soon cleared up to be a beautiful sunny but cold day.

So off I toddled down the garden to the greenhouse but before I got there I had to untangle a frog from the netting that protects the pond from the heron. Not a pleasant job they are horribly slimy. But it swam away after its ordeal.

So off to the greenhouse for a little more seed sewing and as you can see they are all tucked up in the propagator.

I love being in the greenhouse, warm and a damp smell of earth. My new succulent cuttings. Plus some baby Maureli all on a heat mat.

Aeoniums, more Maureli and an Alocasia amongst all my other plants.

My shelves are full already heaven alone knows where I will put all my seedlings.

My bananas, looking very dead, but they are not, I hope to get them started off this weekend.

I can then have a jig round of everything and then hopefully make some more room.


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