Sunday, 1 March 2015

1st of March. Spring!!!

Well we can but hope, the weather for later this week is not looking nice!!

I have just looked back over the past years to see what I was up to in March, and last year seemed to be the busiest as we had such a mild winter.

I am waiting for a gardener to come round on Monday, to give me a quote for some of the heavy digging work I need doing. I am desperate to get seed sowing. but due to lack of seedling carer I have had to make do with popping some bulbs and corms into pots!

I love these Eucomis Bicolour, such querky looking plants.

Followed by Eucomis Comosa, I do like a bit of pink!

Due to the mad rush up north last year all my dahlias got left it the ground so we will see if they survived, but in case they didn't I bought some more. I love the striking contrast of colours here. Maybe hubby won't notice they are white!!!

Always wanted some of these Bishop of Llandaff, loving the dark foliage. No idea why I haven't bought some before.

How about these for a different Dahlia, Honka Surprise, brilliant name, made me laugh.

I have gone for some very different seeds this year as well as some regulars. I have 2 quite large flower beds to fill and I am determined to have a riot of colour this year.

Did I tell you that I am now the organiser for our Village Open Gardens, and since I took over it has been doomed. Not sure if its me or what, but we can't seem to get enough gardens to Open, such a shame, but I will persevere and see if we can persuade some others to join in.
Righty ho, thats it for the mo. Back soon.


  1. I grew Eucomis in my previous garden, thanks for the reminder! I love anything that is a bit unusual and it certainly qualifies. As long as the mice leave it alone..

    1. fortunately I have never had a problem with mice eating bulbs. :)


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