Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Plan

If you remember I was thinking what to do with this.

Well I think I have finally decided to get rid of the veg beds, use the wood from around them to build a raised bed here. Move the box hedging. Using the soil from the veg beds to help fill the new raised bed after adding grit and sand. Being south facing I hope this will be an ideal situation for a bed similar to this.

This is very different for me but I got the idea from my friend, at Hurley Designs.

Click the link and just look at his fabulous gardens. One thing is certain, should I ever win the lottery this is the guy I would employ to landscape my garden!

I have never really been 'into' Spikeys, well thats not strictly true!! As a child, my Nana planted a trough of cactus for me to keep in my bedroom, they where kept on my windowsill and boy did they grow, I think she had spotted the greenfingers in me even then!!!

So I said I had one or two, well obviously from all the following photos I lied!!

 Could have sworn I only had one or two??? There are loads more succulents Aeoniums, I just shove them under the bench in the greenhouse and forget them till the spring!

My Yucca Gloriosa Variegata has always been out of place in the patio garden so if I can move it I can probably make it a central feature for my new bed.

This is the new bed behind the compost bin, it is also the wettest part of the garden, I can't keep replacing lawn all the time so I will extend the bed out a further foot and plant with more damp and shade loving plants.

Poor tortoise, neglected and left out over winter, but doesn't seem any the worse for wear!

Theraised bed by the pond, I had planned to put the spikys in here, but I held off, no idea why, just felt it wasn't right, still not sure what to put here, succulents maybe? Still to be decided!

Rheum always the first to sprout in spring, slowly showing signs of movement?

Finally the view up the garden, always looks so different doesn't it, so the moss plot will become the raised bed, using the wood from around the veg beds. Then the veg bed area will become lawn or moss, depends what it decides to grow!!!

I will extend this flower bed right out to the path. I haven't told hubby yet so we shall have to see, to be honest as far as I'm concerned there is no point in putting lawn here apart from the fact when it is growing well it looks good, but to have to keep re-turfing each year is annoying the heck out of me!

I don't think it will be a problem, since the girls left home (Tori part time at home) we have become really close again, which is lovely.
So roll on spring!

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