Monday, 25 May 2015

Very Nearly Completed.

Am I sad when I blog about my daughters garden? I love seeing how gardens evolve, I also know how much K loves gardening too, so now my girls have more or less moved out I have some spare time on my hands and I enjoy helping!!

So day off yesterday, to celebrate K's birthday, today we where determined to finish the greenhouse and the shed, but we where one man down as hubby shot off to 'Lords' today to get a £10 ticket to watch New Zealand v England!!

So the day started like this

Greenhouse up, the shed wall closest to the fence painted

then the base went down, now we are not builders, we are bodgers, so no rude comments on how bad it is.

We where all working flippin hard, well some of us where!!!

We managed to get it up and it wasn't too wonky the doors even met and shut!!!. The little shed on the left is going, you can just make out a picket fence in front of the new shed, that will go across the garden and have a gate in it, possibly with an arch.

This is 8 x 12 2nd hand shed, not bad for £50!! This is when I left, I was bushed. But K sent me some further photos,

Looks like the neighbour has put up some new fence panels as well

They have had a huge tidy up since I left.

and filled the shed with K's furniture! Brilliant!
It was a great weekend, tiring but fun, they are bust next weekend so back to my garden from now!!

She has had some lovely Alliums have come up, a Cardoon I gave her last year is doing well too.


  1. Nice score on the shed, and nice to get a glimpse of your daughter's garden :)


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