Sunday, 17 May 2015

Totally finished, I think?

Well we got the evil prickly pear from my neighbours who are moving :( only in a tiddly pot but out of a greenhouse, over two fences with no injury to anyone.

It was only as we planted it that it got us!!! I spent an hour or two picking out the prickles!!

I think the bed is more or less finished.

Hubby is chuffed to pieces, he thinks its the best part of the garden now.

I still love the large leaves in the Jungle and the contrast between the jungle and the arid bed is quite amazing.

The third ton of gravel went down on Friday so its still looking a bit white, needs to be rained on.

I need a few more terracota pots for some of the baby agaves. I repotted the Olive tree, I might get more than one olive this year.
I really wish you could see this bed in the flesh, because to be honest the photos don't do it justice!

So now all thats left to do is plant up the jungle, thats a job for the rest of the week. Extend the bed just in front of the arch on the right. Tidy up around the greenhouse, sort out the bottom patio. Plant some of the new plants I got today and plan what new mischief I can get up to next year!!!!!

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