Wednesday, 27 May 2015

I Love My Garden!

So much so, I spent 6 hours in it today!!!

Currently this is my favourite part,

the plants seem to be enjoying it as well as quite a few are really going for it!

I think this is a Dalek, if it dares to flower when I'm not around there will be trouble!!!

So after getting my brand new knee brace I went via a garden centre to pic up some more 'Slug Gone'
I had bought a small bag a couple of weeks ago to try on a couple of my hosta's  and boy it works. I have tried everything from copper tape to vaseline and I saw these wool pellets and thought well I'll give them a go.
This was very slug eaten, so I have chopped off the awful leaves and I will show you again in a few weeks!

I then planted my tomatoes into individual gro-bags. Also today I decided to sort this area out

Ta da!

Still have to sought out the solar pump for the ball pool though!

Slowly getting the bottom patio back, just need to trim the neighbours damn hedge!! I believe if people want to grow a hedge they should maintain both sides!!!


  1. Nice work Libby, garden's looking good!

    1. Always seems to be something to do!


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