Friday, 4 May 2012

Raining Again........

its not that I don't like the rain! I know we are desperate for it, (my water butts are overflowing) even with all the watering I am doing in the greenhouse. I just wish it would warm up abit. We are due another frost this weekend, according to the weather forecast.
But some of my plants that like the rain....

the tree ferns, pushing up crosiers although some of their fronds have been browned by the frosts

I am pleased to see my 'Shuttlecock' fern. I had forgotten I had planted one up here and they are sprouting up all over the place.

Due to the dry winter I thought this had had it too, but obviously not!

As for the lawn, well what can I say, except it is very lush and extremely long and far to wet to mow. The dog hates going on it at the moment.

More 'Shuttlecock Ferns'

On the right of the filter box is 'Rheum palmatum' it spent the last 2 years in a pot, it looks so much happier in the ground.. The Gunnera is on the left of the filter box and is not liking the cold, I must remember to cover it this weekend before the frosts.

A fern I got from 'Freecycle' so I have no idea what its like.

Another 'Freecycle' fern.

and again, don't you just love the fronds unfurling, its probably one of the reasons I have so many

This fern was in front of the old shed and grows really tall, it spent most of last year in a big bucket and really only went in the ground December. With the dry winter we had I wasn't sure if it had come through as my watering of it was very erratic, so I am thrilled to see it unfurling. I think I must get a book on ferns.
I spent a lovely morning in the greenhouse, but that will be for another day as I don't want to overload you with photos.


  1. It's always great to see the tree fern croziers coming up this time of the year, they sure are enjoying all this rain we're having!

    Garden's looking lovely and lush already Libby!

    1. Thanks M&G. Still plenty to be going on with as the 'jungle area' needs some serious work yet!

  2. Fabulous garden Libby - the makeover was really worth it and it looks so easy to manage now. And well on the way to be a lush tropical garden - it'll be such a success on your village open gardens day

    1. We are thrilled with how it is turning out, but still more to do, as always lol!

  3. Good to know the rain is helping your plants come up. We haven't had a hard frost for a couple of weeks, but they say we aren't clear until after May 24th.
    Your lawn looks very lush!

    1. Much the same here, Sheila, I used to plant out the beginning of May but now I wait till about the 3rd week end of May. It was a chilly 4C this morning!

  4. I'm glad there is something that likes the rain. The ferns are so lovely in all of their growth stages.

  5. Totally agree about the ferns and they are so easy to grow. I have even bought some new this year that like a very sunny position!


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