Sunday, 6 May 2012

Airing the Plants.

I decided to start putting my bigger plants outside during the day to start hardening them off. So I popped them around the entrance to the greenhouse, gave them a very thorough watering and hoped it would rain (it didn't)

Inside and under the prop. somewhere we haven't seen much of. In the bery back corner are 2 Brugmansias.

The shelves, abit more visible.

A few gaps here and there, but I still have veggie seeds to plant.

Coleus, Heucheras, Nicotiana plus petunias and other bedding plants for the front window box.

Really not sure what is going on with my Begonias, not alot it seems.

 My cyperus papyrus

So come on Mother nature I can cope with rain but please could you warm it up a bit.


  1. We have started doing this too Libby, a bit more warm weather would give us all a boost. Getting fed up of all the rain now!! :)

    1. totally agree, I know some parts of the country are desperate, and I am prepared to cope with it, if only it would warm up a bit!!!


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