Thursday, 17 May 2012

We are Playing the Hokey Cokey

with the plants, in the greenhouse, or out, depending on the weather.
By now in the past years I had already hardened off and some plants had started to be planted out, but with bad frosts on a nightly basis they keep going back in the greenhouse at night!

Its getting a tighter and tighter fit.
Especially as I have had to pot on again and you can see the shelves bending under the weight!

Some plants have had to go into BIGGER pots and are now on the floor, hence the squash.

more shelves, overflowing


My Olive bush


My other New Brugmansias

My old Brugs are at the very back in the corner hidden by the prop! But being watered and fed.

 My new Ensete montbeliardii


Meanwhile just look how clear the pond is

Prior to this it had been getting pretty gunky, and after a visit to the local pond place we found that our filter box  wasn't big enough so we have purchased a new filter box, and what a difference it has made.

More plants have been added too, plus more to come.
As you can see there is lots more to do up the top of the garden


  1. It's looking pretty perfect to me. Wonderful plants and baby plants and the pond looks stunning

  2. Who would have expected mid May to be so cold and wet. I hope it gets warmer soon.

  3. The weather has been extra unpredictable the past few weeks, as you said usually by now most plants that live in the greenhouse are hardening off outside by now but with recent threats of frost the process have been delayed/prolonged.

    This week looks very promising though, sunny and warm weather is on the horizon! :)


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