Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy Times & Sad Times too.

I haven't blogged for ages as we have had so much going on, my mums 80th one weekend, the next weekend my brother in laws 40th and this last weekend we lost one of our cats
I found Jake unable to use his back legs on Friday after a visit and short stay and a few tests at the vets, he was diagnosed with heart failure. So very sad as he was only 6 years and 1 month old. He was very much T's cat and used to follow her around and chat away to her. She misses him dreadfully. Not much else has changed here, I keep getting the plants out of the greenhouse to harden off, then end up having to put them back in because of the threat of frost. Lyneham's weather for cast for this week Today Max 11C /Min 4C Tuesday Max 11C/ Min 3C Wednesday Max 12C/ Min 3C Thursday Max 12C /Min 3C it had better start warming up otherwise the open garden is not going to be a very good tropical show!
Jake 11th April 2006 - 11th May 2012


  1. Sorry to hear this Libby, Jake looks adorable and so young too. I can imagine he is very much missed.

    We could all do with some warm spell indeed, the cool weather has been dragging on for weeks now.

  2. Libby, ohhh... sorry about this. Kitties make the most of every day and I know he enjoyed them with T, you and family. Paula


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