Wednesday, 23 May 2012

....and we're off.....

Good old 'Mother Nature' takes us from one extreme to the other! So from 10C  to 20C+ in just 3 days. It is not only shocking to me, but to my plants as well!! Believe it or not I do not do 'hot sun' so you will find me working in the garden from about 5am - 10am then again in the late evening. Our garden is south facing so gets hot, hot, hot!
Earlier in the week found me clambering over my coal bunkers setting up an irrigation system for my living wall. I then went on and planted it up.

Doesn't look much at the moment but hopefully it will develop and fill out, some plants will work and others not, we shall see. The only problem I envisage is the irrigation system......... I forgot to test it worked before I planted up doh! This is the bed that will become the jungle, not much at the moment, but I can promise it will look better by July

and just to give you a peek at last year in July...

well strictly speaking this wasn't last July as we were having a load of building work done, this was July 2010 but you can see what may happen given good weather.
This weekend we will be digging this area over adding loads of manure, chicken pellets and blood, fish and bone (Tropicals are greedy) and planting it all up.
Then most of these.......

 will go in. Then come autumn, out they will all come again to be over wintered in the greenhouse. Sadly we are in a frost pocket so these cannot stay out.
This Musa Basjoo has been in the ground for many years now, and comes back even after the really bad winters we have had, these leaves have grown since the sun came out 3 days ago.

This is my Ricinus and by September should reach 10 - 12 ft not bad bearing in mind its an annual!

Right must get on.....


  1. It's looking spectacular. Are you one of the lucky ones and in an area where there is not a hosepipe ban - lucky lucky you

  2. Currently we are Lottie, but I try hard not to use it and make use of my water butts and any washing water etc.

  3. Glad the warm weather is now here! And your living should fill up very nicely in the next few weeks :)

  4. hey - the pockets look great

    please let me know when you have updated your pics?


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