Saturday, 21 April 2012

Greenhouse, shelf by shelf

There was a meeting about the 'Open Gardens' this week. It was lovely to meet the other gardeners and it has given me another boost. Just hope the weather warms up a bit. I can cope with the rain but I could do with less frost.

Anyway lets begin at the right hand side of the greenhouse, in the yellow box. These are all the 'doubles' of pond plants, just in case we had another bad winter. As you can see they are doing well.

The top shelf has some of my new Brugmansia's, one of which is Brugmansia Sanguinea Orange, an Olive and a Begonia Luxurians. I love the leaves of this.

Underneath the bedding Coleus, and

Lots of Nicotiana

Further along, we have a selection of tomato plants, climbers, Sweet Peas, Nasturtiam and Ipomea underneath some Heuchera, Petunia's and some Foxglove 'Illumination, a new one from Thompson & Morgan.

on the shelf behind some ferns and more Heuchera

from left to right... Colocasia Fallux, still quite small, and I think may have to go back on the heat mat as they haven't done much for quite awhile. Beside another petunia which as you can see has decided to flower already. Then we have at the front Ricinus and behind more nicotiana. I love the Ricinus to think how big this will be in a few weeks and even months.

The ensete in the front pot is a ? which has been potted up on 'horse manure'.

My Cyathea australis cooperi,
not hardy!

another Ensete

ferns and Black-eyed Susan beside

Getting tired yet? One of my Ensete Maurelli, this one has been repotted onto horse manure. This one usually gets the 'strangles' so we shall see.

This one on the other hand usually does well

A few of my hosta's

more ferns and purple spotted plants

squeezed in at the end of the propagater, 2 brugmansias and 2 gingers

Heuchera's and ferns

Spider plants, Bears Breeches (Acanthus spinosus) and some more Coleus

On the back shelf, Cobea Scandens (cup & saucer plant), more coleus and an abolution

That was just one side and the back of my 12 x 8 greenhouse. Lol!

More to follow..........


  1. Oh my word - it looks like you could stock a garden centre - very envious of your fabulous greenhouse

    1. Not quite, hoping to fill the garden so there are no gaps lol!

  2. So many lovely plants there Libby, you're going to have a stunning display once those bedding plants get going. Cross fingers we get a warm summer and that the showers we're having is just a spring thing!

  3. Planted yet more seeds, well it is May in just over a week lol!

  4. Gosh Libby,

    You are so industrious......makes my greenhouse look empty (it isn't but havn't got half as much as you)

    I agree with the comment you left on my blog....I am not complaining about the rain but I am cold.....fed up with wearing jumpers :(

  5. Oh my, it all looks fabulous, I'll be checking back on a regular basis to see how everything grows once you can move it all outside.
    Yes, the weather wasn't very nice recently. I was in England for most of April, and it was cold, rainy, showery, windy, not at all nice.


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