Saturday, 8 October 2016

A Beautiful October Day

Autumn is definately on its way, I love bright sunny, colder days. The only thing I don't like about it, is I have to start packing my garden away.
I have cleaned all the glass in the greenhouse, inside & out and also started putting up the bubble wrap. I can usually do the whole greenhouse in a morning, but stopped part way round as I thought the bubblewrap had gone quite a milky colour so would not let enough light through. Which is not surprising as it is quite old and has been used for a number of years!

So I have ordered some new UV resistant Bubblewrap!

Once wrapped the art is to fit all the plants in!! I place them differently every year, mainly becuase I have acquired new plants!

The tree ferns have been magnificent this year, they have enjoyed the rain.

My Ricinus wth the Maureli behind.

My Hiniba, such a beautiful ensete, the red strip is gorgeous.

The Arid bed still incovered and doing well. The variagated Americana Agave has grown massively this year (bottom right).

Already looking forward to next year. This bed has really surprised me, in just how fast everything is growing.

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