Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My Arid Bed.

The Arid Bed has been unbelievable this year, I am astounded by just how much everything has grown. Baring in mind these sort of plants are expected to grow in hot dry conditions, it has been anything but hot and dry. But planted in pure gravel in a totally south facing garden they seem to be very happy.

This Agave (forgotten the name) I bought last year. It was planted in the main bed but was looking exceptionally sorry for its self earlier in the year. On closer inspection I found a massive ants nest undermining it, so I dug it out, cleaned off all the ants, then potted it up in a pot.

Its obviously happy as it is now going to flower!!!!  I have mixed emotions about this, as I am excited to see it flower, but sad that the plant will die after, especially as it wasn't cheap!!!! I will keep you posted!

But just look at the rest of them, they are huge!!! This Americana was repotted also this year and has gone totally mental. Every year this has to be lifted in to the heated greenhouse for winter. I may have to relook at my shelving as this has grown so much!!

Another new succulent, bought earlier this year, also decided to flower! I'm obviously doing something right!!

The flower spike has been cut off, hopefully I will get some seed....... but ..... when I first saw the flower stalk growing I took off some lower leaves and tried to root them. Fortunately two have grown roots and have been potted up, so fingers and toes crossed, neglect will help produce some new plants!

Back in June it looked like this, when I bought it the lady who sold it to me said I could only have it if I repotted it as two prickly stalks had quite serious damage to them. So it was duely repotted and ...

you can see just how much it has grown. If you look at the spikes, you can see where they change about 2inches from the top of each, well that is how much they have grown!!!

The Americana just looks healthier and healthier everyday!

This colour is stunning!

Another new Agave, Century, back in June

and now!!

If people tell you these plants need Hot, Dry conditions, then direct them here, they love Hot, well drained conditions!!

Chuffed to pieces!


  1. Fantastic, really impressive plants. You have green fingers and a green thumb on both hands!

  2. Fantastic, really impressive plants. You have green fingers and a green thumb on both hands!


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