Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Rain & Humidity!

A great growing combination. What is it about rain that makes the garden grow far better than any watering you do!
This week has been so very humid, interspersed by downpours of rain. You could literally see everything growing in front of your eyes.
Everything is now taller than me!

The plants in the next pictures are mainly annuals, in fact most of the plants I grow start as corms, or seeds. The bananas (Ensete/Basjoo) are rested over winter, then restarted in the spring. It still amazes me just how much plant comes out of a little seed or corm.

Here we have a Basjoo at the back, Canna and Ricinus centre and right.

Yep this Ricinus is way taller than me now.

Canna in between all the Big Leaves!

My stunning Hiniba I planted this right in full sun this year and it has lapped it up, growing bigger than I have seen for years! The red stripe is what makes this.

Just to give you an idea as to how much things grow, this was back in June




All is growing well, can you tell I am trying to keep myself occupied not thinking about my dog!!??

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  1. Your garden is so gorgeous! All those huge green leaves are spectacular. I hope your little dog is OK, just keep on being careful with him.


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