Saturday, 15 October 2016

Cleaning the Fish Pond

So it is that time of year, we didn't clean the pond out last year because, if you remember, I was 'oop' north looking after mum after her fall and hip replacement.
So hubby had a day off, we bought a paddling pool to put the fish in and syphoning and catching of fish began!

This is the only time we find out how many fish are in the pond, currently 43 of which 17 are tiny babies and haven't been eaten by the Orfe!

We scrub down the liner and as you can see it is not bad at all........ but there was and accident!!!! You see the brick to the right of the pump, we use these to hold down the net or to stand pots on in the pond, well it got knocked off the side and had a perfect hit and pierced the liner!!!

So we had to go out and find a repair kit, clean all round the hole and patch. It is then supposed to then set for a couple of hours, but the shop siad we could fill straight away.
By now it was quite late and we where both pretty tired. Pond plants are very heavy when you lift them out. So we had a 1 hour tea break before we refilled.

So here it is the next day, as by the time we finished it was too dark to photograph.

The patch appears to be working, as the level hasn't dropped.

We are pleased that is all over for another couple of years, although we still need to repot a lot of the plants, which got put back in because we had run out of energy, time and light!

I have been considering entering my garden into the local towns 'Best Back Garden' category next year. So I have quite a lot to do before then.
One of the things is what on earth to do with the filter box. This is new and to clean it, you switch the flow of water and then turn the handle on top which moves all the foam inside, agitating them to clean them. It is the best pump we have had, but obviously we need easy access. Something to think about. Suggestions gratefully recieved.

Meanwhile in the Arid bed

A lovely bit of colour at this time of year. As we go into our 2nd winter season, I am thrilled at how well the Arid bed has done.

The frame is up ready to cover should it rain and should the temperature drop. They can cope with rain OR cold but not both together.

I think this will be the last year I can use this frame, as the large Agave is 'just' overhanging and I will have to put corks on the tips to protect the liner. Before you ask, I won't be drinking bottles of wine to do this, I shall pop down to the local 'Wilko's' and go to their homebrew section and buy a bag of them!
Till next time x

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