Monday, 17 October 2016

To Cover or Not to Cover!

Its that time of year again when the weather is not quite cold enough, but with the rain, it could be the deciding factor! The Arid bed definately can survive the UK winter, provided you can protect it from the rain! They cope well with cold, but definately not wet and cold, hence the need for a cover.

It has been such a good growing season, back in May it looked like this, I cannot believe how big everything has got, I may have to look at extending next year!!!!

The Ensete are usually a help in deciding when to cover, but they are all still growing strong and the tips of there leaves are still fine.

The Hiniba is the best it has 'ever' been this year.  I planted it in a new place, so it has had the most, sun, rain and wind. In other words although it is one of the hottest spots in the garden, it is also a bit more exposed so gets all the elements.

The size of the trunk says it all,compared to the beginning of the season

I love looking back and seeing just how big plants have got. Even though I have grown these for years they still surprise and excite me. The last photo was back in June when it was planted out.

Its probably just as well we are coming to the end of the growing season, as soon as it is all packed away we can then concentrate on final preparations for our daughters wedding at the end of March!

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