Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Corking the Spikes and Covering the Arid Bed!

I couldn't hang on any longer, we have had torrential downpours and the temperature has been dropping.
I know my Arid bed is mainly gravel so the plants would not be sat in wet soil, which as you may or may not know, along with cold is a killer for them, and having seen just how much they have grown this year, I really want to look after them so they have another good year next year.
So this morning whilst we waited for the BT man to come and fix our internet, having been out and bought a small tray of corks, cut them in half

I went and put them on the spikey tips. Now these spikes are lethal, I reckon you could actually sew with them and it didn't take too much effort to put the corks on.

I have only put them on where there maybe a possibility of the spikes touching the over.

I have decided this is an Agaves version of having rollers in!!! Lol!

People have suggested using polystyrene but I was concerned that if the cover moved it may cause the polystyrene to break up and then the spikes would pierce the cover. Bearing in mind this cost well over £100 and I want it to last a good few years, so would rather be safe than sorry.

But before we cover up just take a look at this....

isn't it stunning Fascicularia Bicolor

the flowers in the centre are blue. I will have to keep an eye on this, even with the cover on.

There we are, all tucked away for the winter.

Now all I have to do is finish bubble wrapping the greenhouse before the big 'dig out' of Ensete, Musa, Maurelli, Canna, Hiniba, Elephants ears, well some of them. Then as I have a gardener for 2 weeks, I may get him to move the Humilis Chamaerops, we will see. x

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