Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Quick Summer..y!

Life has been fairly busy in this household, and I can't think why I have left posting for so long?

Hubby is now redundant, his party went well.

We managed to get everything done in time, including my knee op. The garden was impressive and admired by everyone and plenty of 'Pimms' was consumed.

Two days after the party and 4 days before we went on holiday, the washing machine flooded the kitchen, we turned off all the stop cocks but the water still flowed apparently it was the hot water flowing through!!!

We went away to the Gower, our usual haunt. Darcy enjoyed digging lots of holes, but he was very unwell the first and second weekends.

I had plenty of cleaning and washing to do and he lost 10% of his body weight. He lived on chicken and rice and the vet we saw gave us some tablets and charged us a huge amount of money! When we got home we went to see out vet, ( as he was still not good)who took swabs, gave us food an injection plus a doggy type 'actimel' and the bill was £10 less than when we where on holiday?????? Unfortunately now Darcy seeks out food, its just like having a labrador again.

Mum and B came with us for the first week, on the Tuesday of the first week, mum was taken ill and we had such a battle to get a doctor to see her at the local GP surgery as mum had become unwell at 10.30am in the morning and she should have been there at 9.30am!!!!! I ask you!!

we came back early as we where rained out but the garden looked fabulous...

Since then I have picked pounds...

and pounds..

of tomatoes, definately my best year yet!

Chutney making is well underway

and I have had my hair chopped off!!!

I hope normal service will now be resumed and I look forward to catching up with all your blogs!


  1. I'm not surprised you haven't been blogging with all this going on. I'm glad Darcy is better, and hope your mum is recovered too.
    The garden did you proud, and the party sounds like it was great. Can't go wrong with Pimms!
    Hopefully things have settled down and are back to normal.

  2. PS..your hair looks smashing!

  3. Nice hairdo!
    And nice holiday on the beach, I am envious.
    And the garden looks smashing.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment. I think you would love Kew :-) I recognise some of your plants from there! Massive Angel's Trumpet, I surprised at its historicial use, I wont spoil the tale in case you haven't heard it. Ha! Your garden is looking great!


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