Friday, 23 July 2010

Lots Of Garden Pics!

Preparations continue apace for the party, the inside of the house isn't looking to bad, I just need to start again outside as somebody made it rain and the weeds have grown again!!!!

A huge dragonfly on the caster oil plant outside my back door.

This poor Hibiscus, is so badly neglected, I forget to water it, so it wilts then I water it and so goes the vicious circle. But it did get a handful of chicken pellets in the spring and it is now covered in buds.

One of my many brugmansia, flowering away merrily.

New tree fern, which will be moved to the heated greenhouse in the winter.

Foxglove tree, as you can see it has grown more.

Agapanthus, which I had forgotten I had planted.

Across the coal bunkers, where all my succulents are.

View down the veg section, look how well the Indian Bean tree has done this year, it is far better here.

View up the patio, I think this shows how big the banana on the left has now got.

New hardy banana.

Peas, lots and lots of peas, these are a heritage type and I seed save every year, they reach over 6ft.

Petit Pain

Courgette and a marrow, I know, I should have picked it.

Gem Squash, hubby introduced me to these and I have grown them for about 3 years, they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tasty.

There is a pond in there somewhere.

The banana growing back.

In the large greenhouse

and the small one.

Tomatoes, Sungold, extremely yummy!

Baby Cucumbers,

From the greenhouse looking up the garden

and of course, my friend goes with me everywhere!


  1. As usual everything looks 'blooming' fabulous in your garden. x

  2. Wow you have been very productive this year the garden is sensational

  3. Lovely produce! Quite hungry here!

  4. WOW, your garden is looking very good, you must have been having the prefect combination of sunshine and showers! I love that brugmansia, I saw a huge tree of it fully in bloom a couple of years ago when I was in Florida, beautiful!

  5. What an amazing array of fruits and flowers...and exoticas, Libby :)


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