Saturday, 17 July 2010

Operation and Preperations

Op was last Monday and has so far proved to be very successful. Totally different to last time, when my knee was double its current size and I needed 2 sticks to get about plus 12 sessions of physio! This time it is only slightly swollen, and I can do everything without any sticks and the physio reckons we will only need 3 sessions!

On the downside, because everything is so good I am having to be doubly careful not to overdo it!!

The house is more or less organised for hubsters party at the end of the month, I have stripped all the wood up the stairs, the front door and architrave and also the original exterior door frame of the front door. In particular, this wood, bearing in mind it must be about 150+ years old, has now been oiled and looks amazing, I am thrilled.

A new floor covering in both the downstairs loo and bathroom. Monday all the carpets get cleaned and also sometime in the next 2 weeks the oven will get done, (conveniently) I am not allowed to kneel!!!!

The garden is also coming on a pace this was it a month ago.

We have had very little rain till this week, when it has poured. Now as you can, see the plants growing!

I have planted the jungle area totally differently to how I have done it in the past and at first I wondered whether it was going to look as good, but since the rain, I think it will be fine!

My little friend has been rather poorly recently, he picked up kennel cough from somewhere, poor chap has been feeling sad for himself. He takes his tablets as if they where sweeties!! He is also currently not eating properly and is eating only half (if that) of what he is supposed to be having. The vets is having an open day tomorrow, where you can go along and talk to the specialists, etc. so we are going as they also have a photographer there and I would really like a super pic of him!

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  1. Libby, I hope your knee continues to get better, like you say, just be sure not to over do it.
    Having said that it sounds like you have been doing a lot!
    Poor puppy, I hope he is okay, maybe it is the warm weather putting him off his food.
    I've heard that when a dog sleeps on his back like that, it means he is totally trusting and feels safe in his environment.
    He's beautiful, I'll take him when you get tired of him..(as if you will!)


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