Thursday, 30 September 2010

End of September.

I love this time of year, especially if it doesn't rain. I can actually work in the garden without getting into a muck sweat!!

The bananas have grown massively this year, so we now can't see the bottom of the garden, I love it when its like this. The phormium has really shot off and is looking impressive, definately fills a gap, lower down!

The brugmansias alwyas go mental flowering, I wish it was warm enough for maybe one more bar-b-que with the chimnea lit, so we could appreciate their scent.

I found this little clematis at a garden sale it is gorgeous and all the more so for flowering now!

This is one of the bananas I mentioned earlier, it is one beast, and we purposly left it in the pot so we could move it easily into the greenhouse!!! MMMmm maybe a task!!

this is the middle

and the top must be some 12ft tall now. Even though we have had 3.5C at night a couple of times, it doesn't seemed to have bothered them!

Isn't this a pretty coloured leaf, abit like patchwork.

Meanwhile further down in the veg garden for once I am organised

winter onions,

Kale type Brussel Sprouts.


Cabbage, Cauli, Brocoli.

Big changes afoot here!!

Emptying big greenhouse.

Small one is going!!

The most beautiful bloom on the Arum Lilly it is actually bigger thank my hand!

and one of my bromeliads has flowered!!


  1. Your garden has gone wild this year, it's absolutely gorgeous. I adore those huge banana leaves. I'd love to take a walk down your garden path and stop to admire everything.

  2. Hello! It has been too long since I have stopped by. Your garden looks amazing. That Banana leaf is huge, that the color is beautiful. I also loved the patchwork leaf.

  3. Wow!
    Your garden looks like the rain forest.
    I laughed at your expression 'muck sweat', it is one my dad used to use..LOL


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