Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Thats what my house looks like at the moment!! The Welsh dresser went and the contents, glasses, china etc is spread through out the downstairs on any available surface!!!!!!!!!!! The new dresser will be with us either the first or second week of November.

My eldest daughter K then had to downsize from flat to shared house, so we had a load of stuff brought back here, most of which has been stored or Freecycled!

I have been to mums and got back at the weekend..... she has been having a hard time financially wish, a new roof, new oven which then blew up, so was replaced under guarentee, new radiators but the heating is still not sorted... then when I got back the weather had changed and a hard frost was due that night so had to dig up all the tropicals and get them in in under a day!!!!!

The tiling round the Rayburn is done and looks fab!

Somewhere in the house is the cable that attaches the camera to the computer so I can download pics, hence no pics, cos I can't find the flippin cable!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will try and find the cable cos I have some super pics, back again soon.

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  1. Oh noooo!!!! Hope you find that cable soon coz I want to see pics of the new tiled area by the Raeburn.


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