Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I Have found the Cable!

I made a concerted effort to find the cable this morning and after much digging and delving I found it!!!

My sister and her husband came to stay for the weekend at the beginning of October, for two reasons, 1. it was her birthday and she deserved to be spoilt, 2. they where having our small greenhouse. They brought their dog along,

and as you can see Darcy and Daisy are now very good friends!!

I then did a spot of chutney making

this is Red Pepper and Chilli Jam, I also made, Hot 'n' Spicy Tomato Chutney and more Date and Banana Chutney!!

Then we sold our Dresser, which meant that the contents have been scattered around the house on any available surface

K, had to downsize from 2 bed flat to house share

so her bits and pieces are slowly being packed away or freecycled!!

I have been up to visit my mum, nieces and great niece

she is not yet 4, and is so much fun!

Came back and the first night back we where hit by a bad frost

so what normally takes a weekend was in fact done in a day. The greenhouse was bubble wrapped, plants dug up and placed in my remaining greenhouse.

Fortunately they fitted. This year I have even fitted my tree ferns in, I lost them all last year!

If 'Folklore' is anything to go by, we are in for another bad winter as the holly trees and bushes are laden with berries!!!!

The tiling round the Rayburn is now finished and sealed, and we are thrilled to bits.

In between all of this we are fighting a proposal to have a sand quarry built about 400yds away. If you double click on the pic, at the bottom you can see Stockley, just to the right of the word about 2 cms is dark outline of trees around gardens, this is where we live!! The black holes are the closest proposed sand quarries.

Sadly not the only ones that will affect us. Out of 35 proposed for this county, 18 are around the town of Calne. Most of these belong to Lord Lansdowne, of Bowood House. If you live in the country it is still very 'feudal' everyone tugging there forlock to the Lord!!!! We are fighting, with banners, posters, leaflets and car stickers. We are reguarly in the paper, provided it passes the Estate Managers say, yes he appears to have a hold over the local paper too!!! We have a website its worth a look.If anyone has any further ideas on what we can do, please let me know!


  1. Your plants look very sad and droopy after that frost, but I'm glad to hear you got most of them into the greenhouse for the winter. So you have sand quarries, in this area we have gravel pits, same idea, same mess, and same heeavily laden huge trucks (sorry, I should say lorries!) thundering along the country roads.
    Good news that the dogs get along like the best of friends.

  2. Daisy and Darcy make a great couple.
    My daughter has a Russell, they are great pets.
    Sorry to hear about the sand pits, like Shammi says we have gravel quarries. (We live not far from each other, but have yet to meet!)
    Hope you've managed to save all the plants.
    It looks like you have a lot of organizing to do, but I am sure it will be worth it in the end..

  3. Oooo, that chutney looks delectable. Would you share recipes? The tomatoes are gone for this year but the other two I could easily find ingredients to make.
    Sorry about the frost. Weird weather here, too.
    I say NO to sand quarries in or near my favorite part of England!! That's my stand (as a foreigner with no voting rights in your country but plenty of opinions nonetheless).


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