Sunday, 19 September 2010

Keeping Busy!

The next 4-6 weekends are really busy, next weekend hubby is going up to Worcester to help move K. She finished her internship at Worcester Uni, and was offered the job, having been to 3 other interviews at other Uni's previously,always being their 2nd choice (lack of experience the reason why,)so bearing in mind the economic situation, she took the Worcs Uni job. Problem is it is actually less money than she was on as an intern, but has more responsibility???? No we don't get it either!!! Which means she can't stay in her lovely flat, she is gutted.
So last weekend we went up to help her flat search and of course this is totally the wrong time to look as Uni is just about to start.
Anyway to cut a long story short(well maybe not?) she is going back into a house share, with 2 professionals. On the plus side she will now have lots of money at the end of each month instead of just £40 a month, which she is excited about. She is already planning to go on holiday with her cousin D.

Then the weekend after that I shall have a whole weekend with my sister, its her birthday and she and her husband our coming so we can treat her and to dismantle our small greenhouse (another story).

The weekend after that, is the final weekend for K to clear out of her flat and what she has not sold, freecycled or Ebay'ed will have to be taken to the tip or brought home.

Then after that, I really must visit my mum!

Now that is just the weekends, don't ask about the weeks!!!

Anyway, this year I have done really well on the tomato front.....

pounds and


and pounds. I am thrilled, this is the first year I have had so many, the Plum ones have done exceptionally well and have been made into sauce and frozen. I have made a Hot 'n' Spicy Red Tomato Chutney and we have eaten loads. You just can't help yourself when your in the greenhouse, they seem to just pop into your mouth!!!

these are Courgettes and Petite Pain and Gem Squash. Oh alright, I know there is nothing courgette or petite about them, we have done well here too!! More chutney to come.

since the flood, the boards under the units don't fit, we are awaiting insurance claims!!!! But Darcy likes to go badger hunting (I think) as I am always finding him under here!

We have also been rationalising our stuff (yeah right!!) so whilst clearing out my dresser, Darcy went badger hunting in here too!!!

I must apologise in advance for the amount of doglet pictures that will be appearing on this blog, he is soooooo much fun and is now my 'baby'!!!

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