Thursday, 23 September 2010


I wasn't going to blog about my kitchen, as my sister is visiting the first weekend of October and I wanted it to be a surprise for her, but I am so excited and thrilled with the finished result I can't contain myself!!!

First we had to empty the dresser, if you remember I was ably assisted by my dacshund! Then we had to dis-assemble the kitchen and carry it over the Rayburn and through to the lounge!! This was no mean feat, especially as neither of us is getting any younger lol!!

So the lounge looked like this.....

and the kitchen looked like this...

this is with the old flooring..

We where told it would take 2 days, so the cats had to go to the cattery as a latex screed had to be put down..

then the latex screed after all old flooring was lifted..

Darcy assisted with dusting under the units...

In fact it took 3, which to be honest I am not surprised about.

Anyway the end result is this

and yes we are thrilled!!

Now whilst it is still empty, I am going to paint!!!


  1. shouldn't you have painted before your lovely new floor was laid?!!

  2. You would have thought so, but lifting the old floor created so much dust, that I was advised to do it after!!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful, Libby! Translation, please, for your friend on the other side of the pond - what's a Rayburn?

  4. A solid fuel Rayburn ( very similar to an Aga. We use ours during the winter months, for heating, hot water and cooking.
    It is fantastic, and about this time of year I can't wait to light it.


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