Sunday, 7 June 2009

Busy, busy,busy.

Its been none stop in this household and as I normally spend alot of time alone, I am grabbing the chaos and confusion with both hands and joining in! So posts may be rather random during this summer!
The tropical garden is now planted, well it was planted a couple of weeks ago

Please note the new fence!

My banana plantation has gone from looking like this last year

to this, due to the severity of the last winter!

But at least its not dead.

The cordy flower is getting bigger and has gone from this

to this

and it is soooooo pretty!

I was totally inspired by Chelsea flower show, so much so that K and I are off to Gardeners World live this week. Next year I am definitely going to Hampton Court!
Any way whilst at Chelsea I came up with an idea for the front bit of my house, bearing in mind its not really a garden, that would reflect my love of tropicals, please bear in mind its ongoing and I still need to get the benches moved......
So we go from this.....

to this

I have a Maurelli, a bamboo type grass and Elephants Ear in pots

The window box has gone from this

to this

I am thrilled as this is very much the colours I wanted.

I also found Coleus and have planted quite a few in the jungle plot, but I was surprised to find Coleus Kong
these apparently can grow to have leaves the size of your face, you couldn't get more jungle than that!!!!!


the large tree fern is not totally dead, we have 1 frond!!!


  1. Yes, you have been busy. I really need to get something done with the front of my house too. At the moment I have weeds growing through the paving on the driveway. I really need to get some weeding done.
    I've got my tickets for GW live too. I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Poor tree fern....but as you say at least it is alive....

    I lost a lot of plants in the winter. So cardoons (three of them) have all bitten the dust. Also eight out of ten lavenders....

    I love the window the intense colour of the display....

    Have fun at your garden shows......

  3. Coleus with leaves as big as my face??? I want one! Love that window box and the new arrangement in front of your house.

  4. I was tagged recently and enjoyed answering the questions, and I had to choose eight people to pass it on to and you’re one of my eight. You may like to do it, and I’m sure bloggers would enjoy reading your responses, but not to worry if it’s not your thing.

  5. Whew Libby, what a relief that the large fern tree hasn't snuffed it! Love the way your window box is planted up now, very stylish!

    Have fun at the GW show!


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