Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Building a Bug Hotel!

I had been inspired by the RSPB's display at Gardeners World Live
RSPB's Wildlife Stack having also seen those fantastic 'Wildlife 5* Hotels at Chelsea, I decided I had to do something.
I always have junk lieing around my garden so I could at least make a start!
I chose where I am going to put it:- on top of the coal bunkers, and before you say, I know frogs won't be able to hide in the bottom of it, there is no worries here, as most of them hibernate behind the coal bunkers anyway! So this is really for the 'Creepy Crawlies'.

This is West facing and is sheltered by my 'Bay Tree' and behind and through the slats of the fence is a wonderful beech hedge swarming with greenfly!!!

So I've used bricks and old pallets cut up. I had some roofing felt and tiles, marine plywood, bamboo canes, old none working pens, shredded paper, cardboard and dried leaves. I also had some logs and need to drill a few holes into them.

Obviously I have more to do but you can see how simple it is and I have only been outside for the morning!


  1. Looks fab Libby.....I always think they give us a chance to show our creativity.....and so helpful to wildlife...look forward to seeing it finished......

  2. I'm going to have a go too. I have nominated you for a reward on a blog post today Libby if you would like to call and collect. I have found you inspiring for at least twelve months, so rock on sister!

  3. It looks fab. A proper 5* bug hotel!

  4. It looks very comfortable - hopefully it will attract some aphid predators. I think wildlife hotels look like works of art and you can get rid of those bits of wood etc that have been lying around doing nothing!

  5. Love it! This is just my kind of project. I have lots of tidbits around that should be just the thing. After all, I keep a board in my garden simply because Petunia (aka garter snake) has taken up home there. The bugs need a good place, too. Nice job with yours and thanks for sharing. Paula

  6. Oooh! I love it, Dear Libby :)

    I think I'd like to have one...just popping into the lounge for a mo to show it to hubbie... :)

    What a great idea. I think we have everything except the tiles to get for the roof.

    I hope you get lacewings, ladybirds, ants, bees and all the beneficial bugs who will gobble up the aphids and keep them off your gorgeous exotic planting :)

    Here's the latest video of Barleycorn in June ...

  7. I hadn't seen a bug hotel before, but I think it's a great idea and I might build one in my back yard.... if it EVER STOPS RAINING!!!!


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