Monday, 15 June 2009

A Quick Update!

Just to let you know I'm alive and kicking!

The jungle garden is growing away nicely, I shall intersperse my chat with pics from the jungle!! Yes these are all growing well.
All except the tree fern!! lol! have you ever seen anything quite so pathetic!! I spoke to a man at Gardeners World Live(GWL) and he siad he was surprised more had not been lost, but gave me some 'stuff' to feed it!

We have a major and I mean major plague and white fly and aphids and sadly not a ladybird insight! Which is sad as we have a number of evergreen hedges nearby! All the plants outside and inside the greenhouse are suffering badly and I'm not sure what to do for such a 'plague' so to speak!

Whilst at GWL they had a fabulous 'bug hotel' with instructions so I picked some up and construction will begin in earnest very soon! I will take pics!

In the greenhouse I have mint and marigolds planted in between, the tomato plants but it does not seem to be working!!

Since I have started watering them, my back is suffering again! I just can't seem to be able to pick up a watering can full of water!!

I really wish now I had picked up the watering system I saw at GWL which had 25 drippers and could be fed from a dustbin (which I have)full of water!!! Easy to fill with a hose!

(these are the pups from my large banana, I lost this winter, 21 at last count)

I have a small water feature on the patio which we only use during the summer and we looke for a small solar powered pump, but could not find one with cable length we wanted.

With my back garden being south facing it would get ample sunshine to power it!

so after much discussion about whether 3 meters is long enough we belive it could be so may go to Hampton Court Flower Show!Especially now I have joined the RHS!

Just look at my front window box (north facing) I am totally thrilled with it!

Even better as it flowered!!!


  1. My tree fern is only just showing its knuckles now. I think the winter really knocked them all for six and they're only just getting back on track.

  2. I've seen the grand total of one ladybird this year. I also picked up the bug hotel instructions at GW so I think I will let the kids have a go at making one, albeit on a smaller scale than the one at GW.

  3. Sadly my tree fern still looks dead so I am resigned to losing it and my Banana which I had just bought and overwintered in the greenhouse. I suspect I am not fit to be in charge of jungle plants! Yours are looking great.
    I agree with you about the shortage of ladybirds. I wonder if the cold winter was to blame.


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