Monday, 22 June 2009

Big Leaves and Bugs

I thought I would do an update on how quickly the jungle garden grows. This pic was taken not long after planting

Everything is blooming. The bananas are growing apace and have loads more leaves and the colours of them is amazing. This is yesterday

See what I mean about the leaves

Sadly they are not all big, cough, cough...

but at least its alive!
Meanwhile down by the pond

the gunnera is getting bigger

this leaf is about my shoulder height and I'm 5ft 9ins. and the banana that had got knocked back in the winter has sent up new shoots....

But the king of the big leaves in my garden is..........

my T-Rex, this is amazing now but has started to lean out for light, this tree seeded itself here a couple of years ago and was quite pretty but after last years rain it has shot up and the canopy is very dense so it will be coming out.....

Now for some of the creepy crawlies you find in my garden!!!

although I don't think all of them will be wintering in my bug hotel!!! lol!


  1. Wow, you sure have some large leaves in your garden. I love your pond area, it has some lovely planting around it.


    If you plan to be in Jersey any time soon, we could use some help here with our yard ... :-)

  3. I love that big lizard climbing up your fence. I bet he eats lots of those nast slugs and snails!
    Glad your banana came back to life, I know that you thought it was dead and gone forever.

  4. Your Gunnera is looking great, I saw some huge ones when I was visiting Savill gardens recently. Love that bug hotel of yours, what a great idea!


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