Monday, 13 May 2019

Time on my hands!!??

Since my relapse, I have spent a lot of time just sitting as I don't even have the energy to move. Apart from being bored out of my brain, I play brain games, silly games, watch Netflix and all the rubbish on there. I read lots of gardening magazines, well read isn't quite what I do as my brain gets in a jumble with words, so I look at pictures. Then occasionally I wander down my garden, take pictures and plan!!!


I hadn't 'planned' to change anything, but as you wander and sit in different parts of the garden you think, well I do. This is also very dangerous.
Since we took the palm out I have been thinking about this area, it has never quite worked out as I had hoped it would.

I put a lot of my potted plants on here.

Which as you can see are getting quite big, a bit too big for the green house. The Brugmasias have now gone, the large Cycas I have planted out, the large fern Cyathea Cooperi I just chop back the pop in the corner of the greenhouse for winter, it will get to the stage where it will get too big but until then this is one I will hang on to.

They also require a fair amount of watering which I don't like to do too often.

So I thought ........... 'what  can I do here' and it came to me , quite obvious really when you look at the first picture and now the palm has gone, the gravel and slabs are going and I am going to have one big flower bed. Well hardy tropical bed actually. Not right out to the path but about 8 inches away from it.

Then I will have the joy of planting it up. I have a couple of plants in pots which can go in here. I do have a lovely water feature ball pool which is run on a solar pump, which I will have to rehome, I would like to keep it but may have to jig things around to fit it in.

So there it is, The Plan, when it will occur I have no idea, it may even change, but that is the joy of a plan.

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