Saturday, 11 May 2019

Brahea Armata, dead? Well maybe not!

My eldest daughter was over today to help me in the garden now I have no energy to do anything due to the M.E.

She was going to dig out the 'dead' Brahea Armata which looked a lot worse than this picture. I forgot to take a before picture, but basically it was totally brown.

I knew I hadn't done anything so was wondering what had been going on. The plan was to dig it out, pop it in a pot, somewhere warm and out of the way and monitor it. So out it came, a little too easily for a plant that had been in the ground since 2015.

The roots had not really expanded from the size of the pot I got it in. which was a little surprising, that was until we looked closer and found.....

It was in a smaller pot which had been inside the roots of the pot I bought it in. No wonder it hadn't been growing!
So we managed to remove this pot and reveal some really healthy roots and it is now potted up and a nice big pot and sitting in the garden in a warm spot where it will stay for a few years i the hope it will come back.

These are renowned for sulking after repotting so patience will be my watch word!!! Well we will see, as I don't have a lot of it!!!

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