Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Can you tell I'm bored???

I have nothing else to do really,so I wander sedately, not a word I use a lot, around the garden and spot things!

Today I spotted this

then another one

and another

and another

what are they?  Spider plants, Chlorophytum Comosom. Yes it surprised me as well.  

The mother plant is huge as you can see, and the are so easy and forgiving to look after, mine thrive on neglect. Nobody wants the babies, so last year I planted quite a few around the garden, just to see whether they would grow.

The do and this is the only photo I could find and this one was taken in October.

So those baby plants have come through the winter outside, unprotected, in the coldest part of the garden and I live in a frost pocket too!

Mother nature is amazing!


  1. I wish mine would thrive on neglect! Haha! Nice little suprises in the garden for you!


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