Thursday, 23 May 2019

Redesign a section of the garden.

Obviously, before you all tell me off I did not do this work. I had to 'pay' someone to do it for me!!!

So it started off like this and after discussion with hubby, he thought it would be a good idea to get it done. So I searched around to get some sleepers and the company we bought them from last year to do round the arid bed where still selling them, and they didn't even charge me delivery!! It was meant to be.

Then I found a local gardener man on Facebook, who didn't charge the earth and he came today and did all the digging, cutting fitting and screwing.

I must admit sadly it is not as good as the guy who did the arid bed, but then what do you expect when there is a difference of a £100 per day!

As you can see he has done the bed the other side, so its all matching up nicely.

What I need now is topsoil, to top up the right hand bed.

A work in progress, hopefully over the next week, whether I have topsoil or not we will plant it up.

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