Monday, 29 May 2017

No. 1 Daughters Help!

Being Bank Holiday Monday, and that her boyfriend is Assistant manager at a zoo, K was free so came over to help in the garden. How lucky am I. As you may remember I had a number of jobs I wanted doing so let her choose, she chose this

Down by the pond, the bed next to the decking. I have wanted to move the massive pond filter since we got it, but it means digging out the entire bed, laying a slab for the filter box to stand on and replanting.

Again a bed that hasn't been touched for years.

So the digging begins.....................

It doesn't look much but it was, that fern was not easy to move, then we had remove all the Ivy (from the neighbours) and bindweed roots.

K reckons it was also the 'Graveyard of Lost Feet'!!!

we found all of these buried in there..... I must admit, I had wondered where they had all gone.

So K has raised the border edge, so it will hide all the pipes and cables, which are still to be attached. K also redid all the large stones on the right, they hide the pond liner better.
We have been thinking of putting a water fall in here but that will wait till later in the year, as it looks very likely that we will need to put a new pond liner in, so the whole of the surround will have to be re lifted and relaid again. So a job for later in the year.

I am thrilled the filter box is off the decking, just need the plants to grow to help disguise it all!

Thank you very much Daughter No.1 xxx

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