Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Late Starting!

With the prospect of some gorgeous weather you would think it would be full steam ahead in my garden but no .........................................

Unfortunately I have not been well for the last month so I am really behind. All my seedlings need pricking out and should have been done ages ago. I managed to do 4 trays this morning. They are going to be so far behind! I only hope they catch up.

Hubby helped lift all the cactus out of the greenhouse this weekend

They have done really well over winter, I had forgotten how big they have got.

Unlike the bananas .............

........... when I first started them off they all seemed fine. I just sit them in compost, that has been sat in the greenhouse to warm up for a few weeks. I plant them then, no water added just let them start up with the damp in the compost, once I see them start to move that is when I water very slightly.

Although, they where all firm and green in the middle, to start off with, 3 have rotted away. They never even started moving. I don't think I have ever lost 3 in one go before.  The Hiniba (the large one on the right) has been really slow to start off. It is about 6 -8 years old and very rare. To get another one would probably cost me 3 figures now a days. I have been told that as they get older they are slower to get going. So if it does grow this year at the end of the season I will propagate it. Which involves, basically destroying it. That will be for another blog post later in the year!

Cannas and Ensete Maureli and Ensete Montbeliardii are coming along well.

All I need now is the energy to begin digging and planted.

I will have to wait till hubby can help......


  1. I'm sorry you've not been well this spring and that you're energy is slow to return. Ill health robs us of the joy of gardening. Having experienced a season of not being able to do much, I empathize. On the bright side, gardens and plants are resilient and forgiving and will be there for you when your energy returns. Sorry for your banana loss. I'm looking forward to hearing about how you propagate your Hiniba. How nice that you have a hubby who is willing to help you with the lifting!

  2. That is so true, but having to look out on a garden that is not as 'lush' as usual, is very hard. I may have to rope in the daughters!!!


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