Sunday, 28 May 2017

Hubbies help!

A beautiful Sunday of the bank holiday weekend, so what do I do? Rope hubby in to helping with the planting of the jungle.

So what did I do?  Give instructions on how to do it......

How difficult can it be to follow instructions,
a) dig a hole for the plant,
b) no it has to be bigger than the plant pot,
c) loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole, so the roots can grow away,
d) put in chicken pellets, plant then water thoroughly, then back fill.

Apparently I was getting angry with him?  So I apologised and said it was, to me, a simple job, as I knew what to do and how to do it and where to tread!!!!

The majority of plants are in. The bananas are not as far advanced as usual, but I expect they will catch up. I have also bought a lot of my 'filler' plants as I either didn't get round to sowing them or they didn't come up!!

We are due a massive thunder storm this afternoon according to the weather forecast, which was one of the reasons I wanted to get stuff in!

We had a poke around in the side bed, removing the forget me nots

This bed is so bad, I say it every year, it needs the whole lot dug out, manure added then re planted.

Maybe I will get round to it later this year.

I have started to work on the end part of this bed.

A work in progress

I usually have quite a few Ricinus Plants at this time of year which I sow from seed every year. They are a big favourite of mine. They have the most amazing leaves and can reach a cracking height. Last year was the best year ever...

This is where I blogged about it!

This year I sowed the seeds as usual, about 12, four different varieties and 3!!! yes just 3 came up! Disastrous. These are a main stay of my planting. I have tried to buy some but no one is selling. Normally you can find loads on Ebay, all I can find are seeds.

So today I sowed some more,

if they come up they will be late, but its amazing how quickly some plants catch up. We will see.

Something I don't believe I have blogged about before, well not with photos, are my Paulownia tomentosa or foxglove tree at this time of year. I have shown you the great heights they reach by the end of the season, but at the beginning of the year they look totally different.

You can see the buds growing on the trunk. Basically you pick one, obviously neither of these would do as they are both growing in towards an old trunk so they get rubbed off.

This one was chosen as it was growing away from the fence.

The same for this one. This is on the patio and grows amazingly quickly.

Whereas this is down by the pond, where it is definitely cooler so slower to get going. I will keep you posted on these as they grow.

Meanwhile whilst there is a hive of activity in all the gardens around us

some just like to 'chillax'!!!

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