Sunday, 7 May 2017


Been a busy few weeks. Went up to mums to celebrate her birthday, we went out for afternoon tea

This little lot was for two people, it was very scrummy.

Since we've been back we have had some serious frosts and I have been really poorly again. There is definitely something wrong with my immune system!! 
So my poor garden has fried in the frost...

My beautiful Acers, crisp

Yet the ones in the front garden, north facing are fine???

More worrying is the growth points on my Paulownia Tomentosa's. I break off all the buds except one so I get a single supersonic growth from the one bud. These have also been fried, so I have no idea what is going to happen, whether they will grow or not. Only time will tell!!

The arid bed is still covered and I have had to do some serious watering as we are desperate for rain.

So an unusual start to May.


  1. With the growing season ahead, all those fried bits will be distant memory soon :)


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