Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ta Daaaaaaaaa!

The old veg bed has gone, all of the soil has been moved, it has been dug over, weeded, the trellis moved and then re-concreted in, new beds made and turf laid!

I am now broken! Getting to old for all this heavy work. So if ever I mention doing a big job again, please tell me NO!
The view now the 3 Silver Birch and the apple tree have gone.

I am thrilled with the extended lawn, I think it opens up the garden.
Just tidying up to do now. All the top soil lined up by the office is off to my friend in the village. Loads of seeds planted and to be planted. Then its just a matter of jet washing anything that looks dirty. Weeding, chucking rubbish away, as I still have far too many plant pots. The old sleepers will make a new planter once the neighbours on the right decide to replace the old fence panels. Sorting out the veg beds. But that can all wait, as I'm off to visit mum next week.

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