Saturday, 5 April 2014

April Already

Time is marching on so quickly. I have set myself a target of a couple of hours in the garden each day which should make it look pretty good for July 13th.

So the other day I decided to get the jet wash out and see if I could clean up the fence by the pond. My neighbours where away so I started off gently and I must admit they came up really well. I will probably only have to touch it up now. I then jetwashed the bottom patio and decking.
 What do you think?

Then I spent the afternoon sitting by the pond..... and saw 5 baby fish, woo hoo we're grandparents lol! I have been thinking that the back flower bed to the right of the filter box would havw made a very good bog garden. The slab closest to the box is lose anyway so I am now working out if its do-able. (Before you say anything I'm fairly certain its not a big job!)

Coming down the veggie bit of the garden, its not looking to bad for this time of year.

I have had to thin out the grape hyacinth as they where more leaf than flower. The veg beds are my next target, hopefully sort them out over Easter.
Meanwhile the new lawn is looking good, whilst the old lawn looks like a field!!!!

I spent this morning seed planting, watering and feeding in the greenhouse. I am rapidly running out of room, when I suddenly remembered I hadn't started the Dahlias off. So I have managed to fit in another shelf unit and the Dahlias are now on here.

Crammed, isn't the word! I am having to spray already as there is whitefly in here now. Hopefully I can start to move some of the plants out soon.

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  1. The jet wash has worked its magic! Looking tidy already Libby :)


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