Monday, 10 March 2014

1 Weeks work in A Day!

What a glorious weekend we have ha, so brilliant to see that round shiny thing in the sky. Doesn't it cheer everything and everyone up, it also shows off the dirty windows, a job for later!

So having now committed to getting rid of the lower veg bed, and knowing we have to turf this area, we decided to crack on. Saturday found hubby and I digging out about a foot width and spade depth. We carefully bagged this up (into the empty biomass pellet bags) barrowing it up the garden and through the house. We managed about 2-3 bags a barrow load.

The posts where cemented in but we also managed to break that up and remove it with out wrecking the posts!!
At about mid day we where 'Cream Crackered' so stopped.

Sunday after a good breakfast we started of again, this time with help from K (eldest) and E (her boyfriend) who put us to shame. He carried 2 bags at one time and wheeled a barrow with 6 bags in!!!! Must be getting old!!

So here we are at 1pm Sunday, when we stopped to light the bar-b-que then watch the rugby!

I believe they have saved us 2 weeks work!

Once we have dug out the plants by the compost bins, removed the sleepers (which we are re-using), dug and raked the soil, any excess going into a planter we are creating from the old sleepers we will be ready for turf! ( I hope) by the end of the week (ish)

This bagged top soil has now been put on Freecycle.

Tango enjoying the sun.

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  1. Such a fabulous weekend wasn't it? And nice job there, you've been very productive!


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