Monday, 17 March 2014

2013 a Mild Winter!

We have had a lovely weekend working away in the garden. It was just like an Easter weekend, so lovely. Yesterday we where busily sorting out the bottom where the new lawn is going, hopefully the turf will be in later this week. Today I was doing some light work, hoeing, as the soil needed breaking up and whilst ho,ho,hoeing I found thisone of my many Xanthosoma's, now this is tender and I forgot about it, so it has been out all winter, instead of in my heated greenhouse, as you can see it is already shooting.

This is one of my hardy bananas, you can see I wrapped one up for winter but this one has been totally exposed. I had hoped it would get 'mushed' over winter as I need to reduce this crop abit, but as you can see it has come through fine and is growing away already!

The Trachy which I think I will call 'Trevor' (because I can) has had abit of a tidy up. I cannot believe how much he has grown. When I opened the garden in 2012, my giraffe, was just poking through the top, he is now dwarfed by Trevor. I cut off some fronds as there are already 5 spears pushing out. I think it likes all the rain we have had.

I just love Trevors trunk, it is so fluffy and whispy. Some people I know strip these back so they have like a shiny trunk. I am not sure I like them this way, but even if I did, I would probably not do this as it would mean climbing a ladder as the Trachy got taller to strip it, and Im not good with ladders!!

Must remember to start the Gloriosa seeds off, as I thought these looked amazing growing up Trevors trunk last year.

Did you spot the difference in my last post? My neighbour has had 2 of the Silver Birch Trees taken down. So with them and the apple tree gone, I cannot tell you the difference it has made. I think the plants will enjoy the sun. Although my shady area plants may have to be moved now!

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  1. Your garden will be so much brighter with those trees gone, your tropicals will grow even better (bar the shade loving ones of course but they can be moved...).


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