Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spring, Spring, Spring

I think its finely here, lighter evenings, and glorious days with the occasional frost, I love it!!

Anyway down the garden we have winners and losers

Cordyline - could be a loser but we will see, it flowered last year so should now fork although the main bit has lost spears maybe the forked bit will grow!!

The banana is very much mush, goes quite deep as well but this didn't stop it last year from coming back, we shall have to see. They can be wrapped in straw to protect them over winter, but now I don't have the chickens I am not sure what I would do with the straw in the spring?? and to be honest I'm not sure whether it would offer that much protection especially if the straw gets wet prior to a freeze!!

TRex - is looking very dead, the stem seems dry and brittle, but these are prone to pup so you never know!!!

Gunnera - I thought this was less hardy than the TRex, it didn't get well protected over winter at all and to be honest I thought we would lose it, but as you can see it is alive and kicking!!!

Cyanthea Cooperii and Alocasia Calidora have both come through in the green house which I am very pleased about

but when you compare mine to the one on the left in the next picture

I am definately going wrong somewhere. The above pic was taken by Dave Brown of the Hardy Tropical Forum

Bromelaids came through in a very cool enviroment, I think due to luck than good management. Will Giles mentions in his blog that he over winters his dry, which I did cos I basically just didn't water them!!!!!!!!

Hubby and I took the bananas and planted them into fresh compost yesterday. I store them dry in the greenhouse over winter and as you can see they had already started growing. This hopefully will give them a head start in the garden, they will go out sometime in May!

The tulips as you can see are just about to open, which is bizarre as they are usually a good few weeks behind the daffs. The daffs where definately very late but the tulips seem to be ontime?????

Thats all for the mo, apologies for the lack of blogging, but a new four legged friend has sort of taken over my life a bit!!

Irrisistable hey!!


  1. Absoloutely irresistible. He's gorgeous. It's interesting to see what's made it and what hasn't. I've lost some things this year which were protected with fleece inside the greenhouse, which have made it other years. I think it just goes to show what a cold winter we've had.

  2. Oh My....I want that little dog, he is just too cute.
    My gunnera is not looking good....but you just can never tell till the weather really warms up.
    I cannot remember a winter as cold for many a year. Our temperatures dropped to minus 10C at times. I have lost quite a few plants due to weather and rabbit damage......

    Changing most of the planting at the moment.......

  3. What a beautiful little chap he is Libby.
    I can see why you adore him.
    Funny about the tulips, ours aren't often up until May, yet they are up and in bud already...far ahead of the daffodils. Fingers crossed for your tropicals..
    big hugs

  4. Your Puppy is exceptionally cute. This winter has been a real surprise. So much for the warmer weather I was expecting from global warming. I am still waiting to see if my Cannas have survived outside - covered in straw and an old tin bath!

  5. LOL, so you have a cute little doggywog now too, eh? Good for you!

    There are some plants killed off chez Bliss too but I'll wait a bit before digging them out, sometimes they only look like the proverbial Dodo but aren't really.


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