Saturday, 24 April 2010

Green, Green, Grass............. not!

My nice neighbour had her lawn treated yesterday, aerated, scarified and fed. Now her lawn is huge, I mean extremely large and the price she was quoted was impressive, so I got the man to pop round and look at our weed patch. He quoted a not bad price so we got it done and this is what it looks like now!

This is all done, scarified aerated etc. It looks alot worse than it is, but will be beautiful, he promised!!

He will call four times a year, at £15 a shot and treat, weed, feed, scarify and reseed if necessary, so hopefully in the end we will have a lawn to be proud of and that should look good, should we ever sell!!!

I have been quite busy in the garden, the fence panels are painted,

the bottom bed is dug

and all is tulips in the garden!

and even better hubby has a weeks holiday next week so I shall have some help as yet again my back is playing up!!


  1. Sorry to hear that your back is still troubling you. I'm sure that your grass will be a perfect bowling green lawn by the end of the summer. Your garden is looking lovely, well worth all that hard work.

  2. Hi Libby....sorry to hear your back is still giving you daughter is a sufferer.

    Your garden is looking great, and it won't be long before that lawn is looking lush and lovely.......

  3. I wish I could hire your lawn man, his price seems pretty good compared to the prices here. meanwhile, my lawn is green because there arte so many weeds in it!


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